Actor – William Shatner, el captain Kirk, actually travels to space

“I’m so damned Captain Kirk!”, said William Shatner in the New York Comic Con, and demonstrated the work of this mystery by traveling in space thanks to the company Blue Origin, by Jeff Bezos. The actor made this comment, referring to the person who played in the mythical series “Viaje a las estrellas” (Star Trek), a role he played both on television and in cinema, and on which he commented that he is going to be there persona mais vieja en traveling al espacio.

In it, in front of the spaceship Enterprise, it lived many fictional space adventures, but nothing compared to it now when there is real time

Visibly moved, Shatner, 90 years old, was the first to leave the capsule, which landed in the desert of Texas, a place to become the elderly person who travels in space. He received Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon and developer of the Blue Origin program, which makes it possible to travel in space to people today in the world of astronautics.

Shatner tried to describe with words the emotions I felt during approximately 11 minutes while on board the New Shepard NS-18 flight, I traveled further along the Kármán Line, the limit of space and which is recognized internationally. “I can’t start expressing what I want to communicate,” explained the actor to Bezos.

In this adventure, Shatner was accompanied by the vice president of mission and vehicle operations at Blue Origin, Audrey Powers, Chris Boshuizen and Glen de Vries. The price they will pay to make this trip to space has not been revealed, something that is contrary to the competitor of Bezos while taking tourists to space, Richard Branson, quien with his Virgin Galactic, charges $450,000.

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