Aesthetic retouching on the face: possible mission for Tom Cruise

Santo Domingo. RD

Tom Cruise has many followers paying attention to his face. In the film luce. The maybe if. Maybe he’s getting ready for a new role in the cinema. It is simply possible that your mission will renew your image and have resorted to some aesthetic retouching procedure. Hecho is that this lunes is known as it appears in public with the face creased.

The images of his facial appearance were captured while the actor enjoyed a game of baseball last weekend.

“Tom Cruise appeared to be a completely new persona while watching a baseball game over the weekend, which led some to speculate that he had undergone an aesthetic surgery,” reported the portal

The 59-year-old American actor called attention to appearing on a baseball game between the Giants of San Francisco and the Dodgers of Los Angeles with a completely different face from the one he knows.

The protagonist of the saga “Misión Impossible” was seen with an inflamed face when captured by cameras at the Oracle Park stadium in San Francisco, California. U.S.

Cruise enjoyed the game with his husband Connor, 26 years old, and saw himself smiling and greeting the fanatics.

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