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Antioxidant Hype Update 2017

Antioxidant hype has been with us for decades but scientific evidence has collectively demonstrated this hype to be disingenuous or outright misleading.

Butterfly Wings

Wishing you a positively “Happy Birthday!” to my cousin, Neva McAllister Bradshaw of Oakvale, Mississippi on Aug. 10; my sweet brother, Eddie Miller of Denham Springs on Aug.

Butterfly Wings

Sunny thoughts of you on your “Happy Birthday” to Nona Allen Jones and Rick Sammuels of Loranger, both on Aug. 1; Mrs. Lou Lombardo of Greensburg on Aug.

Looking Back

• A chicken barbecue is set for next Saturday at the Kentwood Rodeo Pen for the benefit of Alan Travis, son of Mr. and Mrs. Wilson Travis of Kentwood.


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