Eugenio Derbez: current television fiction is full of “blood, bullets, deaths and bullets”

Eugenio Derbez “wanted to make a different series like the ones you saw in the 1980s, which you could watch with your family” and the one that reflects on his new television series “Acapulco”.

The Mexican actor and producer believes that current television fiction is full of “blood, bullets, deaths and bullets” and because of the success of ‘Ted Lasso’, because it is a series with a beautiful vibrancy”.

“‘Acapulco’ has this vibrancy, this wave of ‘feeling good’ (sentirte bien), and this is only bien important”, he says.

In a few moments, the script compares the lives of workers with the needs, sometimes superficial and silly, of visitors. But always with a jaded tone that helps your care and joyful photography.

“The beautiful of my person is to see the journey. As this young man from ‘Acapulco’, from a poor and humble family, he becomes a billonaire who lives in Los Angeles”, highlights Derbez.

It may be that Eugenio Derbez is increasingly integrated into Hollywood life, but the actor wants to take advantage of his opportunities to show “a different side” of Mexico in his small canvas, which is “much more than drug traffickers and criminality”.

Apple TV+ has counted with the Mexican to produce and star in its first series in English and Spanish, “Acapulco”, a story inspired by the comedy “How to be a Latin Lover” that premieres this coming and travels until the Golden Age of la popular ciudad costera.

“Es un sueño hecho realidad”, assures Derbez in an interview with Efe about this fiction that expresses a colorful and joyful side of Mexico, very different from the image that other productions, especially American, painted in the Latin country.

Its plot centers on Acapulco, which acquired international fame by becoming the favorite destination of people such as Elizabeth Taylor, Rita Hayworth, Orson Welles and Jacqueline and John F. Kennedy.

Set in 1984, with the explosion of international vehicles, the main scene of the series is the complex “Las Colinas”, a luxurious hotel that welcomes eccentric European and American tourists, whose lifestyles contrast with the austerity of the majority of them employees.

Alli starts working on the protagonist, Máximo Gallardo, who appears in very different stages of his life. La current, enjoying its wealth in Malibú (EE.UU.) and interpreted by Derbez. Y la más antigua, as a young man from a humble family (incarnated by Enrique Arrizon) was hired in “Las Colinas”.

From his current mansion, the protagonist narrates how he was navigating through the straights and opportunities offered by this tourist enclave with the objective of improving his family’s life.

“Everyone wants to work in Las Colinas, because they know that it can get there and change life. But it’s like selling your soul al diablo, go see things you’ve never seen and cross barriers that you shouldn’t be able to get the sustenance that searches,” advances Derbez.

This is the first series that the Apple television platform launches in the Spanish language, only in a bilingual way, since the hotel in which the office works is the norm the use of English in all facilities, while the Spanish is reserved for el family environment.


2021 is turning out to be a big year for the Mexican: it premiered the second season of “Viajando con los Derbez”, now it presents its first series for Apple TV+ and suena as a new candidate for the awards season for its role in “Coda” , flaming winning film of the Sundance Festival.

“All my life has dreamed of working in Hollywood, since I was 8 years old -recognize-. Luego forgets my sueño for many years and suddenly after 52 years I return, I find myself living in the EE.UU. and empiezo de cero. I can’t believe what’s going on. I’m tired but I’m very happy”, he concludes.

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