In Santiago, comments are made: Jarabacoa follows fashion

Good days! Jarabacoa is still in fashion, now more with so many real estate projects developing at an accelerated way and many people from various countries and from here interested in buying these vacation homes, have built large mansions to live and settle there, others have mountain tourism. Recently, former president Hipólito Mejía inaugurated, with bass drums and rigs, with the presence of President Luis Abinader, a large-scale, ecological, real-estate tourist project that will help further to boost this area that attracts more people every day.

Solve the route

If there will be government for road development, because the road is difficult and dangerous, now there are more vehicles that never travel, big tapones on weekends, even daredevil bases and weekdays if there is chaos, how many big trucks going up and several of them that fall in the tray even not being able to go up. Imagine if the frenos fall, I don’t think about it and if it rains for the general, there are slippings of earthen lands and huge stones. It is beautiful to travel to the city of eternal spring, but there may be something urgent with the road that leads to this heavenly place.

The lapidary phrase

Journalist Víctor Mañaná, who is part of the staff of our program, has great experience as a journalist and life, for over twenty years covering the main palace for the Listín Diario and other mediums, for that reason he has great knowledge of what is happening. always. Mañaná always uses a phrase that is used in the program in relation to what happens in our country, the index “Esto da vuelta”, has become so popular that other commentators use it, giving it credit to Mañaná, y es verdad, the life of the vuelta, today is down and mañana can be on the cliff to be a potentate. In the footsteps, she is nadie because she is in power, because she is a millionaire or because she has fame, and at any moment in her turn.

of return

Finally, we started the past lunes to carry out the television program from the television plant broadcasting by Zoom, this trend, but not the same, with these phone companies providing us with bad service, when we are better off. Check out the sign to someone from the group. Doing it in a virtual way has your advantage, because we can interview people from anywhere in the world or conduct the program if we travel and work from where we are. There’s it next.

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