In Santiago, comments are made on: beautiful activity of Cemento Cibao

Very interesting activity last week of the company Cementos Cibao. I study the president Luis Abinader and several employees, including our friend Víctor Bisonó, Ito, as always very formal and open.

The majority of guests wear white chacabanas, including the President and the former president Hipólito Mejía who said hello and never left the hat, on the mask.

The expansion of the productive structure and a new cement mill were announced, with the capacity to produce between thirty and four tons per hour. Beautiful and well organized this meeting, blessed by the curate Carlos Manuel Santana and with the presence of the daughters of the patriarch Wascar Rodríguez, and the deceased, the dear friends Amalia Rodríguez de Fernández and Cruz Amalia Rodríguez, as well as Silvia Vela saw Rodríguez.

The elegant Amalia, a wonderful woman, has chosen for this occasion an exclusive style, of a Dominican designer, who together with her husband, General Amílcar Romero, complete a large family of respect in society.

+ Details

Cruz Amalia Rodríguez, who is the president of this important company, I am in charge of the speech of this act, excellent, discreet person, with great training, we moved to another beautifully decorated place, it was a modern carp with conditioned air, we enjoyed Exquisite drinks, tasty mouthfuls, we dialogued with the President, with businessmen in Santiago and with our friend Ulises Rodríguez, young promise of the political figure, as well as many senators from various provinces, among them Eduardo Estrella, who as always were caballeros. El Presidente arrives by helicopter, only the activity in the official vehicle.

+ Goodbye by Rachel

Tremendous boche, very goodbye for the first lady, Raquel Arbaje, the leader of the PRM that is named in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, who passed by the line, spouting compromising words to the alcalde of Santiago, Abel Martínez in the city of Nueva York, in addition to our obligations to it, the pagan and the government, represents all Dominicans, but abroad. It is necessary to be careful to nombra quienes us to represent the country. Abel Martínez is a great politician and has the right to visit the Dominican diaspora.

+ nothing passes

What fear during a pandemic to visit a bar called Loveras, this establishment, which is not only visited by parishioners and Dominicans abroad. Now there are three, go by what is in Estrella Sadhala near a supermarket, half a panic, the crowd of people without masks, all grouped together, figurense is so large that it fits a barrio entero and no pass, so we are with it Covid, that nothing is nothing.

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