Millionaires and famous people are convenient to tourists from the space

Veteran actor of 90 years William Shatner –Captain Kirk of “Star Trek” — is going to become the most recent celebrity to travel this miércoles al space. Other millionaires and famous people ya lo han hecho, aspire to be close to tourists in space.

Llévame up, Bezos

A Blue Origin Cohete, by Jeff Bezos, will convert the Canadian Shatner into the bad-aged persona in space, surpassing the 82-year-old woman pilot, Wally Funk, who also took the hit in Julio aboard a Cohete del founder of Amazon.

Shatner will experience the absence of gravel for a few minutes at a height of 100 km from Tierra, before returning to the station in the reusable cohete.

Bezos and his brother Mark had traveled also on the mission of Julio del Blue Origin.

Russia first

Last week, actress Yulia Peresild took off at the International Space Station with a film director to try to win the United States for a while in the making of the first film shot in orbit.

Want to surpass the star of “Misión Impossible”, Tom Cruise, who announced the past year of his own film project with NASA and with the SpaceX group of Elon Musk.

three day trip

SpaceX went into orbit last month to the American multimillionaire Jared Isaacman and three of his guests, for three days. It was the first time that Musk’s company had shipped non-professional space.

Vacaciones in the Space Station

Axiom Space will send three businessmen for ten days to the International Space Station, en enero. It will be the first of the three trips aboard of this type foreseen in the SpaceX cohetes. Musk is also preparing an orbital trip for the next year, organized by Space Adventures, for four customers who pay for the trip.

Fly me to the Moon

Japanese millionaire Yusaku Maezawa plans to travel around the moon, possibly in 2023, aboard another SpaceX Cohete, in a mission called dearMoon.

He hopes to take with him other people, in this first civil lunar mission, and you have invited the director of “La La Land” and “First Man”, Damien Chazelle.

Chazelle says you must ask your wife first.

“Missing” by Virgin

Richard Branson, from Virgin Galactic, participated in a july in a flight over the limit of space, aboard a cohete of the company that fundó.

But the ship has been down in land since then due to a “miss”, which hopes to resume its flights in the next year.

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