Muere Granville Adams, actor from the series “Oz”, a los 58 años

Granville Adams, an actor known for giving life to Zahir Arif in the acclaimed Oz prison series, died 58 years ago. The interpreter suffered from cancer.

As The Wrap says, the artist revealed that he was sick in December 2020, when he shared a photo from the hospital. “Que le jodan al cancer”, I wrote next to the image.

His death was confirmed through his profile on the social network on October 11th. “Today our beloved Granville Adams has died and is now with God. After a long and hard battle against the cancer, Granny has ascended into the cells. He spent his last days surrounded by his loved ones, relatives and close friends. His wife Christina I study at her side all the time and lay my soles with her when I die”, reads the text.

“Granny is now at peace and you don’t. Luchó has finished the end with a strength, beauty and grace like no one else, putting your family before simism in the final moments. We are all very honored to meet Granville. All those who know Granville know the image of human goodness he possessed. Every life he touched turned better. Granville was a handsome man who always stood before the others and was known for his kindness and abnegation. He didn’t want us to be sad. Granny wanted us all to be smiling and remembering the best moments we spent with him, and sharing the love we learned from him. .

“Just before he died, we asked him to show us a sign when he crossed the other side. After dying, friends and family who were there in the hospital were eating and remembering Granny. torrential that stopped after 30 minutes, leaving a brilliant double rainbow just in front of us.

Adams’ filmography was brief. He debuted in the small pantalla in 1996, when he was chosen to give life to Jeff Westby in Homicide. In 1997, he joined Oz, participating in 48 episodes of the iconic HBO series. His last work dates from 2011, when he participated in the Magic City Memoirs belt.

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