Music – “A concert of vaqueros” will be performed at the National Theater

The Eduardo Brito National Theater Symphony Orchestra, directed by the conductor Dante Cucurullo, will present “Un concert of vaqueros”, this Sunday 17th to 11:00 am, in the Carlos Piantini room.

The show, designed for the whole family, will be thematic, educational and interactive with allegorical themes of “Viejo Oeste”, and will have explanations from the conductor Cucurullo. Also will feature performances by Shanon Dalmau, Lucas Benítez and Felipe Joseph, who will dress as vaqueros.

The program includes works by Richard Meyer, Aaron Copland, Elmer Bernstein, Leroy Anderson, Johan Strauss, J Offenbach, and G. Rossini.

“Eduardo Brito National Theater, Ministry of Culture, the Friends of the National Theater Foundation, Reserve Bank, Dante Cucurullo.”

This activity, which is possible thanks to the Ministry of Culture, the Friends of the National Theater Foundation and the Reserve Bank, will be open to the public, with a limited scope until its existence, always counting on the measures established by the authorities of the Ministry of Health Public.

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