Roseland Montessori visits Northshore Technical

By Megan Ourso

GREENSBURG- Members of the Young Ladies and Gentlemen Society at Roseland Elementary Montessori School visited Northshore Technical Community College’s Florida Parishes Campus for an interactive morning of learning. The 36 fourth through sixth graders came dressed in more formal attire than their typical school uniforms, something that the organization does a regular basis on their own campus. They were divided into four groups, and, with an NTCC staff member leading them, they visited with four of the school’s degree programs: automotive, culinary, nursing, and veterinary. These stations offered basic, life skill knowledge in their field of study.
In automotive, students learned how to check their oil, water, how to pump gas properly, and tire pressure. Automotive instructor Randy Konzelman also showed the children the underside of a vehicle, pointing out different parts and explaining their function.
In Culinary, Chef Stephen Curry talked with the students about how to properly lift objects, gave them a tour of the kitchen, and explained the appliances and safety features in his kitchen. Chef Curry also demonstrated how to properly sauté food and allowed the children to try it.
At the nursing station, instructor Sherry Estes and the PN class talked with the students about when to call 911, how to properly wash their hands and attend to small cuts and scrapes, and also the features found in a First Aid kit.
At the veterinary component, Dr. Brennan Fitzgerald Lee had a kitten that she let the students hold. The children were also able to help feed the kitten and watched as Lee trimmed its claws. Lee also talked with the students about the proper nutrition for dogs and cats, the difference between fleas and ticks (complete with a microscope viewing of a flea), how to properly muzzle a dog, and also some fun facts about horses and caring for them.
After completing the rotation, all four groups met outside where Lineman instructor David Stewart and some of his students demonstrated how to climb light poles to make repairs during cases such as power outages.
The students were full of energy and asked great questions at each station. Their efforts were rewarded with lunch prepared by Chef Curry and his Culinary students: hamburgers, potatoes, and dessert. After lunch, some of the students presented Campus Dean Kim Finch and Records and Registration Administrator Ginny McElveen with a special business partner plaque and a water bottle. The staff at NTCC gave each child a goodie bag and small prizes before they left. The staff and chaperones with REMS hope to collaborate with Northshore again in the future for more educational opportunities for their students. Photos by Megan Ourso.


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