Amite Fire Department: Always looking to get better

AMITE - Although they have been considered one of the top fire departments in the state, as well as the nation, Fire Chief Bruce Cutrer is always looking for ways to improve his force.
“We work daily to make sure we are giving our community the best possible protection and care that we can provide,” Cutrer said. While I sat down to visit Chief Cutrer, many of his Fire Deparment members were outside, conducting one of their weekly training sessions.
The AFD holds special training sessions three days a week in order to stay on top of the most up to date and comprehensive ways to fight fires and protect the public.
On Monday of this week, they were training on foam procedures, including foam application. “We all have to be trained and certified in many areas which include the application of foam.”
Foam is used in many ways to combat chemical spills, among other things. Cutrer told me that he holds training sessions three days a week and those sessions cover everything from rescue and recovery, to battling large fires, to automobile accidents, and everything in between. You name it, and the Amite Fire Deparment can help.
Chief Cutrer said he is also planning to hold a special ceremony for the rookies who have completed several weeks of training at the Fire Department. Incoming firemen must go though several rounds of training before they can get certified.
“We make sure that our rookies are as prepared as possible before they go to LSU for another level of training. We feel like our firemen are as prepared as any that go to LSU for further training.”
Cutrer also asked that we remind the public to take those extra steps of precaution this Holiday Season. “Please be very careful when using heaters and putting up decorations. The more planned out and preparing that is done, the better the holidays will be for us all.” ~Deke Bellavia
PHOTO: Peyton Givens training in foam procedures at the Amite Fire Department. Photo by Heather Holmes
VIDEO: Chief Bruce Cutrer talks with Deke Bellavia.


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