Campbell celebrates his 92nd Birthday

xas, Gerald Campbell was a long way from Pine Grove, Louisiana where he resides today. The path that brought him to this point hasn’t always been easy, but according to him, it has been blessed. Gerald Campbell was born on July 29, 1926. At the age of 18, he joined the United States Army.

This wasn’t just any enlistment, he joined in November 1944 during World War II. He was sent for training in El Paso, Texas, California and Seattle, Washington. Upon leaving Seattle, he was expected to go to Hawaii; however, he said he never got the chance to put his foot on Hawaii. He was transferred to a troop ship and sent to the South Pacific. The first stop was the island of Saipan which was used by the Japanese as a prison for the American POW’s during the war. Their job was to “clean up” the island for Allied occupation. They remained on the island for two weeks. Once Saipan was under control, the troops moved on to Japan. The troops were sent to Okinawa and were tasked with the same job as in Saipan. They were there for three weeks and the armistice was signed August 5, 1945.

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