OPINION – In Santiago comments: Special scene with President Abinader

A very nice detail of President Luis Abinader, I was surprised by a scene that I offered to journalists from Santiago the past family 29, San Miguel day, with the motive of my friends. During the scene and when the journalists finished asking questions, then I authorized one of the young men to wear a bizcocho with candles lit to celebrate me. It was a great gesture of the representative, which unites me in a friendship with his deceased Father, Don Rafael Abinader, who transcends the politician. I felt moved, happy, Who’s not?, as well as thanks to my colleagues, who congratulated me with great respect and solidarity.

Lucildo Gómez, as deputy press director, was the coordinator of this meeting, who was also a master of ceremonies with skill. Estuvieron present Daniel García Archibald and Federico Reynoso, of the important figures in the surroundings of Luis. These journalists have been loyal to al padre and al hijo at all times. The employees of Santiago also accompanied us on this activity, from where everyone, including the President, visited white chacabanas, the opening of Expo Cibao and other activities during the day, such as the announcement of various works, including the cable car. It was a very busy day for the governor.

The scene was abundant and exquisite, I didn’t see wines on the table, refreshments, water, lemonade and a savory appetizer of Capresso. As plate full of fish sirvieron, meat a la plancha, accompanied by garnishes. It is worth highlighting the sensitivity of the President and the attention to answering questions in a relaxed atmosphere, which lasted three hours. There were different topics and I said that it was not necessarily necessary to publish it, but that it was a meeting to share with the press in Santiago and that it will be repeated to keep us informed.

great honor
It was a week of real emotions. The Colegio de Periodistas recognizes us with the Medal of Merit, together with other colleagues, for our traditions of services and years in communication. It’s difficult in this space to mention everyone’s names, but it was a very special act and meeting us with many friends who had been there for so long. I would like to thank Carlos Arroyo and Juan Carlos Bisonó, as well as the other members of the CDP, for so much distinction.

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