Ozuna y Omega graban merengue so that “these navidades sean fuego”

The urban Ozuna and the merenguero Omega grabaron a collaboration in mambo rhythm and the Dominican feels that “these navidades will be in fire” with this musical proposal entitled “Llegó la para”, which will be presented this martes.

“This is real and organic art, thanks broth Ozuna for sharing this experience with me and it will always be a pleasure to work with in equipment”, manifests Omega.

Make four years of Ozuna grab the theme “A flower” by the authorship of Omega.

The Puerto Rican singer is in the country working on a film that will tell the story of his life before reaching fame.

Titled as “Odyssey”, in this new project the “Negrito of clear ojos” seeks to show you the obstacles that I have to overcome to become an artist of today.

“We are working on the Odisea film. There are many people who are waiting, who want to know”, says the urban.

On the other hand, he informed that this production will take years to complete, but he assured that it will be a story with which many young people will identify.

Recently Ozuna released an album with Anuel AA called “Los Dioses”, and the same song has 12 songs among them that are “RD”, “Before” and “Dime you”, reaching its number one in several countries.

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