Techy Fatule: “An empowerment for female sex is being produced in society”

“The health crisis that we have been experiencing served me to ask myself, “Who am I as a human being and as an artist? It has been of such magnitude that we have planted many questions that we have not asked before”.

With this reflection Techy Fatule starts the interview with Efe and continues with force: “With the pandemic I lost my abuelo, my vital referent”. Pause and go. “I was a man who was very humanly rich, I always lived for what I needed”. But that same process of losing it… it inspired. That also led to asking a lot of other things.

— What can you tell us about your abuelo?
— He was national deputy and director of CEAR, (Consejo Estatal del Azucar of the Dominican Republic), a good person, very rich in love and who opened my eyes. I decided: ‘what am I going to do with everything I have, I have health care, work…..but other people can’t be allowed to go to a hospital`. The magnitude of the pandemic in hizo revolvernos throughout.

The Dominican artist is 34 years old, she is the mother of a new child, when she dedicated “Dylan’s Song” (2012) and now on her third studio album, “Siete”, she dedicates a love theme to her husband , David.

Techy started to sing for the 4 years as well as interpreting in children’s series and musical shows. Marielle Stephanie Fatule Báez, her true name, is the wife of singer and actor Carlos Alfredo Fatule and communicator Tania Báez. They were ready to discover the artistic talent of your child and your interest in the song.

She continued her studies at the Berklee College of Music in Boston (EE.UU.), but now Techy recognizes that she is fully focused on her musical career.

Niña prodigy belonged to a children’s group that appeared in children’s spaces at the National Theater of the Dominican Republic and, after that, in other children’s television shows such as the program “Sábado Gigante”, since in 1990 her family moved to Miami for reasons laborales of your priest.

— What are your musical referents?
— Juan Luis Guerra, Juanes, ….. muchos grandes han enseñado. When I was 7 years old, they gave me a casette by Laura Pausini and loved me as a sonaba, with her lyrics. Y wanted to be like her. I admire her, I love her music.

But I also see that the bigger an artist is, the less ego he has. Because I believe that the artists are indebted to the others, and that we have to help those who are empezando, those who are down and, in my case, the women.

— ¿Con quién cuenta, who would stand out in their career?.
— My priest was a great inspiration for me. When I finish a song, I send it to him, who comments to me, and yo las suyas. We form a good team.

In 1997 he had his great opportunity when he stars in ‘Alicia in the country of the wonders’ in a children’s musical format and after that he participated in other musicals, including those of ‘Jesucristo Superstar’ and ‘Evita’, and even La Bella in the classic ‘La Bella y la Bestia’. Also worked in ‘Mujeres Asesinas’, between 2011 and 2012.

However, from then on, Techy focuses her talent on her facet of singer and songwriter. Son años muy important to Techy. In 2011 her husband, David, is married, and the next year she is born her husband, Dylan.

— How do you consider yourself, a singer who performs, or more an actress who sings?
– I’m singing. Artist. I have developed 30 in various fields of the arts, but what I love to sing the most, I can only decide that I have enough experience to define myself as an integral artist.

— What does Techy Fatule sing?
— My themes suelen to sing al amor, a las cosas de la vida. For example, “Todo” (2020) is a theme written in a special moment for women, for all women, from music to politics.

— Usted has songs in them that contain phrases like “Te quedas o te vas”; “Deliver everything until you don’t want me to breathe” ; “Déjame deliver you all”… In any way keep the old chiché of the woman submitted to the hombre?.

— Those letters han gone changing. Now it has acquired great importance in my songs and the hago with message. The contribution of women to music is at a special moment and, moreover, an empowerment for female sex is being produced in society. I believe that there should be more equity and in music we have to keep growing, even though many barriers are broken.

— What are the accompaniments in their performances?.
— Mi equipo es casi all female, es a full casi chicas band. My ideas are that we should support us without any problems.

— How do you see the musical situation, but at a certain moment I commented that the music has changed a lot through the red?
— It has changed enormously. Now I’m at home and there are people at the same time listening to me in Chile, Argentina or Spain. Before, if I didn’t visit these countries, and there was no press and marketing, it was very difficult for me to get to know them.

— He has just taken out his work room, studio third, “Siete”, which composes his themes of his authorship, which follows “Que viva el puto romance!”, in which the spectrum of feminism with new themes.

— Now I try to talk of different types of love. With this theme I saw a very beautiful stage of my life after the success I had with “Chapter”, a Latin pop album, with the one that I had to meet in several countries.

— How do you live las giras?
— In the performances or tours around the USA it is easier to reconcile with my family, with my child, and I may not be there for many days. I have the right to live in “the center of the world”, because since Santo Domingo I have been surrounded by everything, on top of that I am surrounded by trustworthy people who will remember me, if that happens.

— When will you sell Spain to show your music?
— At the beginning of the year, he will return to Madrid because of the beginning of the new tour, and we have seen that this is one of the countries from where my music is more popular and I put on occasions to head in Spotify.

Her career as an actress has fallen into the background, and as a show: “I have just received a proposal to make a movie before launching the promotion of the tour, but the rejection for music”.

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