Tom Hardy, a modern Don Quijote en la nueva delivery of “Venom”

As he is a modern Don Quijote, British actor Tom Hardy (London, 1977) becomes part of journalist Eddie Brock and supervillano Venom in “Venom: Let there be carnage” (“Venom: habrá matanza” “) the second delivery of the Marvel saga that arrives in España este viernes.

The figure of Cervantes and his famous novel was inspired by this tape of the actor and director Andy Serkis and it contains a small reference in the film, which, as Hardy explains in an interview with Efe, the couple formed by Quijote and Sancho y la Eddie and Venom share la misma esencia.

“Los dos were very different beings. One is unrealistic and another is unrealistic, but they followed adventures together because they coexisted one with the other”, says Hardy.

Venom is a symbiote – a being of black color, with a viscous texture that “stays” in ajenos- and llegó to Tierra during an alien attack, whence, after being captured by laboratories to carry out experiments, it ended up merging with the body human reporter Eddie Brock during one of his investigations.

In this way, Venom gave Brock superpowers and special abilities, starting his peculiar and tormented love-hate relationship, which in the first film he cost the love of his particular Dulcinea: Anne Weying (Michelle Williams).

“Venom: Let there be Carnage” continues the conductor’s hilo that was glimpsed during the post-credits scene of the first delivery, where the person of the assesino in the series Cletus Kasady, played by actor Woody Harrelson, and who takes an antagonistic role, is presented. this second part as “Carnage”.

In Hardy’s judgment, the topic that second parts never was fully completed in “Venom: Let there be Carnage”, as he considers it to be a “better than first” film and trusts that viewers also know it. mismo, after the “tomatazos” released by the critic with the debut of “Venom”.

“I’m very proud of her and what Andy (Serkis) and the rest of the crew have achieved with the film’s vision”, which goes deeper into the emotional part of the characters of Hardy and Harrelson.

Before the running of the first part, Hardy ya contacted his friend Serkis to talk about the “imaginary” of Venom, so in the dudo he got involved in recurring to it later on to propose, on this occasion, to take the recipes from its sequel.

Serkis did not agree to accept the project, but, according to Efe, read the script, he felt that it was the “correct piety to join” with Hardy, who praised his action in the first delivery.

Furthermore, even though sitting in the silla of director is much more comfortable being an actor, because it can create “an atmosphere where the actors feel comfortable when it comes to work”.

The coronavirus pandemic forced to paralyze the running of a film that will release a year later than initially foreseen, but Hardy admits that he learned a lot during the whole process, as if “the communication is key” and that he wanted what was thought. It’s not what ends up coming out.

In any case, Venom y Hardy is going three years after with a new delivery of quijote adventures, but instead of facing the mills of La Mancha, they will have to do it with alien supervillains with the streets of the American city of San Francisco as a background.

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