Urban exponent MCCarlos will perform tour to help his native Barahona pueblo

A phrase from the Chinese philosopher, Lao Tsé, says that “The gratitude is the memory of the heart” and the urban interpreter MCCarlos, who has forgotten the support of the Dominican Republic, especially the people of his native pueblo Barahona, he has been toasted since he started. your musical career.

After his new promotional sessions “Caramelo” “Bandida” and “Vamo al Guetto” the Dominican artist, residing in Spain, together with his work team, has organized a tour that will take place in November, to tour Latin America, presenting your music in Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala and with a special event in your country in the Dominican Republic.

MCCarlos, has decided to turn this tour into an altruistic gesture, put all of it back on this tour, it will be to help the people of Barahona, in the purchase of medicines, food and medical procedures.

The artist manifests that he has always existed in him, that he needs to help and collaborate with them most, for which he is grateful that, thanks to the success that his musical career has had, he has the necessary resources to do so.

“I feel extremely happy, since Dios is using me as a channel to bless others that so many need him” said MCCarlos.

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