Why is Cheddy García tending to social media?

Actress and comedian Cheddy García tends to be on social networks, bringing a video to an Instagram account from where by error muestra de más.

In the clip that was later removed from his profile, he is taken to the comedian jumping and laughing while a carelessness leads to a sin.

The video is viral on social networks with thousands of comments some in favor and others against.

Even though the “mood of mood” has not specifically referred to the situation, I say in a message that “I try to be happy every day without pause. I live free as a pajarito. Things occur to me, very jocosas, but I see them differently than the ‘Normal’ human being. Perhaps I am “abnormal or different” and are also valid”.

In her message the actress continued saying “If I miss and if I fall I am willing to improve, to change, to grow… But then, to the haters in the sufran with what I enjoy… Someday they will get tired, and I hope”.

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